Street Numbers


Street numbers are the numerical addresses assigned to homes, businesses, and other properties. Street numbers are typically assigned by a local municipality and are used to identify a particular location. For instance, 1234 Main Street would be the street number assigned to a property on a street called Main Street.

In some areas, such as parts of Europe, it is common to include a house number in addition to a street number. In this case, 1234 Main Street might become 1234/5 Main Street, where 5 is the house number.

Street numbers are used for a variety of purposes. In the United States, for example, local law enforcement use street numbers to assist with policing. Similarly, postal services also use street numbers for mail delivery. Street numbers are also useful for mapping services such as LocationIQ, as they help pinpoint a specific address on a map.

In addition to assigning street numbers, many municipalities provide additional information on a street address. This may include the name of an apartment building on a particular street, or a floor number in a multi-story structure.

Street numbers can also be used to aid in navigation when driving. In areas where a street number has been assigned to a block of homes, a driver can quickly locate a house by referencing the street number rather than trying to remember the exact address.

Overall, street numbers can be extremely helpful and are used in numerous ways. They can aid in law enforcement, mail delivery, map navigation, and especially in driving.