Map Matching API


Map Matching API is a powerful tool that enables organizations to match coordinates of GPS routes to a map. It uses algorithms to accurately identify roads and landmarks, while also adjusting to differences between GPS signals and actual roads. It enables developers to bridge the gap between digital and physical data sources. Map Matching API's features, benefits and use cases can be used for a variety of business applications that require geospatial data.


- Ability to match a given route to a road network

- Capability to calculate the most efficient route between two geolocation points

- Automatically estimates the time, distance and traffic data associated with a journey

- Supports turn-by-turn navigation


- Increases accuracy of navigational data

- Enhances customer experience by offering real time routing data

- Enables businesses to monitor vehicles in real time

Use Cases

- Real time navigation applications used by ride-sharing companies

- Automated logistics and delivery applications used by transportation companies

- Live tracking and mapping applications used by sports teams