Leaflet is an open source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind. With Leaflet, you can easily create interactive maps with various features such as, marker clustering, heat maps, data visualization, thematic mapping, animation, GeoJSON output, custom panes and more.Leaflet is a powerful tool for data visualization. It is compatible with most major browsers and mobile devices and has wide range of plug-ins that make it extensible for use with other libraries. Leaflet has a well-maintained documentation and is backed by a community of active developers who are always willing to help. Leaflet was initially developed by Vladimir Agafonkin in 2010 and it has been used in countless projects since then.

Leaflet also includes various features like layers, controls, event handlers and WebGL support. It has a tile layer that allows users to incorporate various types of maps. Developers can customize maps by changing the base layers or adding the other ones. Leaflet also supports WebGL and gives its users the ability to create 3D maps with elevation and other data.

The API is simple and easy to use, allowing developers to create complex and interactive maps quickly and simply. Additionally, Leaflet is lightweight, easy to learn and work with, and it has support for developing highly customized mapping applications. It is an ideal choice for creating dynamic and interactive maps for web and mobile applications.