GET Request


A GET request is an HTTP method used to fetch information from an API. It is considered to be the most popular and commonly used HTTP request method because it is used to request data from a specified resource.

For example, when using LocationIQ's API, a client can make a GET request to retrieve location-specific information. For example, the following GET request can be used to retrieve the latitude and longitude of a given address:

In this example, the client is using the LocationIQ API to query for the latitude and longitude of a given address and specifying that the response should be in JSON format. The client is also providing the LocationIQ API key, which is required in order to use the LocationIQ API.

Once this request is sent, the LocationIQ server will respond with the latitude and longitude of the address provided in the GET request in a JSON format.

GET requests are very useful in APIs as they allow a client to quickly and easily obtain information from a server without requiring any additional modifications like posting data or changing configuration settings.