Dynamic maps


Dynamic Map Tiles are a specialized type of tile used for mapping applications. They provide a fast and efficient approach to rendering large datasets for web applications. Their features are optimized for rendering real-time updates, multiple data sources, and on-the-fly calculations.


- Ability to quickly update map tiles based on changes to the underlying data.

- Highly detailed yet scalable.

- Maps can be used from a variety of clients such as web browsers and mobile devices.


- More efficient and accurate than traditional static map tiles.

- Reduces the need to reprocess map tiles when the underlying data changes.

- Aware of the underlying data and show changes as they occur.

Use cases for businesses:

- Render large geographic regions faster, such as entire countries or states.

- Track real-time changes such as traffic or weather conditions.

- Display current events such as new store locations or festival happenings.

Dynamic map tiles can be used by developers to create powerful mobile, web, and desktop applications. They can be used to quickly and intuitively demonstrate data-driven insights, create more engaging visuals and data visualisations, and make navigation faster and easier for users.