Adjacency in geolocation refers to the proximity or relationship between two or more geographic locations. Specifically, it refers to locations that are next to or near each other, either physically or in terms of their position on a map.

For example, consider a map of a city that shows the locations of various neighborhoods. If two neighborhoods are adjacent, this means that they are next to each other, sharing a common border or boundary. On the other hand, if two neighborhoods are not adjacent, this means that there are other neighborhoods or geographic features between them.

Another example could be the adjacency of countries. If two countries share a border, they are considered to be adjacent to each other. The adjacency between countries can have important implications for trade, transportation, and cultural exchange, among other things.

Overall, adjacency is an important concept in geolocation, as it helps to define the relationships between different geographic locations, and can be used to identify patterns and connections in a variety of contexts.